Club news 26/3

Bridport Ladies A team have lost their County Knock-Out Cup semi final against Bournemouth. Sue Walsh’s four held their own at home but Annie Legg’s four were totally outplayed at Bournemouth and gave up after fifteen of the twenty one ends as they trailed 29.4. It was a disappointing end to a fine season by the Bridport side as they turned up at Bournemouth to find the heating not working and they virtually froze to defeat.

In their Four Rink Home mixed friendly against the nomads Bernard Perry, Jenny Harding, Peter Varney and Chas Clarke took top rink award with a 30.9 win. Slyv and Mike Fletcher, Barry Driscoll and Nova Varney won 25.10.

Beryl Stork, Brian Parker, Erica Sarson and Bob Willcox came from 11.13 down to win 19.13, Stork on great form here. Chris Thorner, Nicky Driscoll, David Jenkin and Mary Hansford suffered the only loss of the day as they went down 11.20.

The Nomads are a great bunch of people who travel around different Clubs raising money for various Charities through their raffles on the day and always enjoy Bridport’s renowned hospitality and friendship.