Club Update 7/1

Bridport’s Mixed Friendly’s side ended the year with a 95.45 home win over Stour Vale and followed up with a 73.62 home win over Moonfleet in the New Year.

Nova Varney, Keven Rendell, Erica Sarson and Jenny Harding were top rink against the Vale thumping their opponents 35.6. Lyn Sandall, Peter Carnell, Bob Willcox and Mary Hansford also recorded a fine 22.6 win. Bernard Perry, Tracy Marley, Margaret Fifield and Chas Clarke and Sylvia and Mike Fletcher, Jill Willcox and Peter Sandall winning 20.17, 18.16 respectively.

Sandra Hargett, the Sandalls and Brian Suffling took to rink award against Moonfleet, winning 22.14. Bill Duchie-Jones, Marley, Fifield and Clarke were the other wining rink 16.13. Perry, Sharon and Les Heath and Phil Hedges led 20.14 but their opponents fought back with a 1.1.4 finish to draw 20.20.  The Fletcher’s, Carnell and Sarson were 14.10 up after fifteen ends, then dropped counts to trail 14.15, before saving the day with a one count to draw 15.15.